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Creator & CEO

The building where Block 338 resides has been owned by Mesk Holdings for several years, but it had long been abandoned by the board members. As the new CEO of Mesk Holdings, Kurt saw the potential in the prime location and seized the opportunity to take advantage of the spectacular outside space unmatched in any of the restaurants in Bahrain.


For a small country, Baharin has a diverse selection of restaurants, but what Kurt felt was lacking was a space of sophistication; yet relaxing; a home away from home with great quality food and high quality beverages.In the very heart of the Bahrain dining district in Adlyia, after only a few months of operation, Block 338 is already achieving international acclaim.


Kurt says "My first restaurant in Bahrain came with many unforeseen challenges due to their different operational methods compared to the UK. Transforming a restaurant that had been derelict for over 2 years inside 5 months was a really challenge, and only possible with the great support I found here"

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