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Before I start, I feel I should protect myself in some way from any legal entity or organization which could exist out there and which might not be happy when such information is being suggested. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training. I don’t claim to be a doctor.


What follows is my personal experience in the case of my mother and Pramod. All the information provided is based on 100’s of hours of research, from documentaries, to websites to documents and books, to conversations with nutritionists and testimonies of other cancer survivors. Ultimately the information provided is WHAT I BELIEVE.


You may only proceed beyond this point if you have read, understood and accepted the above.

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A final word about the cost of organic food. Yes it is more expensive! But if you are like me it doesn’t need to be. When I used to go shopping for food, I would grab my shopping trolley and run around filling it up with everything I liked the look of. I overfilled bags of fruit and vegetables with no real plan to use them. I wanted a fridge filled with food so that when I fancied something, anything, it was there. Worst of all was the fact that I ordered in or ate out almost every night of the week, so in most cases (I am ashamed to admit this), I ended up throwing lots of food away. Add to this the booze and snacks I bought and my bills were always sizable. Now I buy with an exact idea of how I am going to eat, I consume 100% of what I buy. I don’t buy all the rubbish and I no longer eat out. My costs have drastically reduced yet I am eating better than I have ever eaten in my entire life!


Note: I am doing this for a couple of months just to repair my body. I don’t have cancer and I am going to make sure I don’t ever get cancer.When I feel ready in the future I might add some of the foods which I feel I miss, however I will balance everything out. For a very long time I have been treating my body badly and I want to correct this.


If you want to discuss this with me feel free to contact me


I will update this as often as I can I truly hope that this will be of use to you or your loved ones



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