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Creator & Partner

Kurt achieved the impossible by integrating a fine dining restaurant into to a world renowned Parisian nightclub ‘Les Bains Douches’. The restaurant achieved a 4* rating in France’s leading Fourchette Food Guide.


After 30 years of phenomenal success, only mirrored by the likes of Studio 54 in New York, Les Bains Douches lifespan was coming to an end. In 2008, Kurt was commissioned by owner, Hubert Boukobza to resurrect the celebrity scene that was once commonplace. Shortly after the opening the restaurant, the name Les Bains was back at the forefront of the nightlife scene in Paris and the Princess of Morocco was a weekly patron, flying in especially to dine there. Hubert used this re birth of Les Bains as an opportunity to finally move on from Paris and after 3 decades, sold the restaurant and club at a premium.


Kurt says "working with a legend such as Hubert Boukobza was not the easiest of tasks due to his worldwide reputation and jet-set lifestyle. But this was not the first time I had worked with Hubert so there were no real surprises. Opening the restaurant in Les Bains, gave me an insight into the life style of what it was like living during the infamous era of the 80’s nightclub scene and I can now call Hubert a lifelong friend"


Kurt says "Working closely alongside industry leaders such as Nobu and Drew for 9 years, their knowledge and philosophies are now in my blood. During my time at Nobu, I travelled and met an amazing cast of people, a period of my life that will never be forgotten"

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