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Director of Operations Europe - 1996 - 2004

Originally opened in 2010 to wide acclaim, Moon Boot Lounge is a privately owned, exclusive cocktail bar and lounge with interiors that pay homage to the Moon Boot heritage. After the Moon Boot lounge opened in Villars, the number of stores selling the Moon Boot went from one to seven outlets. The lounge is a brand extension to Moon Boot.


Moon Boot is a lifestyle not just a product, it’s an era! The Moon Boot Lounge was built as a tribute to the iconic après-ski apparel, and was developed in collaboration with Tecnica to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moon Boot. The The Moon Boot Lounge with a laid-back ambience and a friendly approach to sophisticated drinks is situated right in the heart of the village. By day it is an intimate bar renowned for luxury and award-winning cocktails. By night it transforms into “the place to be” packed full of party loving, Moon Boot wearing, snowboarding, shot drinking people forging new Moon Boot memories that they will cherish and share, keeping the Moon Boot brand alive today and for years to come.


As well as providing a unique experience, each Moon Boot Lounge offers an exclusive Moon Boot design, only available from that particular lounge. The design of each Lounge Collection boot is used throughout the interior, making the boot a real reminder of good times at the Moon Boot Lounge.The Moon Boot Lounge name, reputation and standards are important factors in maintaining its international and loyal following amongst its already well established client base. In order to ensure that all Moon Boot Lounge operations maintain my high standards, regular inspections are conducted by means of mystery shopper visits and by organized sessions by my senior team members for product knowledge testing.


Enormous care has been devoted to the creation of this unique lounge which caters to a wide variety of tastes and allows the guests to rediscover the excitement of diverse ingredients and flavours. Cocktails are based on different styles, but served in a modern idiom. The cocktail menu is a selection rather than an exhaustive list of what is available. As always, the Bartender will provide whatever your guests want, whether it is on the menu or not. The emphasis, as ever, is on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The Moon Boot Lounge is well known for its laid-back ambience and a friendly approach to sophisticated drinks and is becoming a well known establishment for après-ski ambiance.

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