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The Liver

According to Dr. Max Gerson, and others, even before the symptoms of cancer appear, the liver is damaged. As the cancer progresses, the damage to the liver also progresses.The liver is the major organ in the body which deals with toxins. A person on an alternative cancer treatment releases a lot of toxins into the blood stream which end up in the liver. Because of this, the liver must be "detoxified" or "cleansed."There are some alternative treatments that contain liver detoxification elements in the treatment itself. The grape cure, Essiac Tea, barleygreens, and others, cleanse the liver along with the treatment.

My personal feeling about the oral methods is that there is a sort of conflict, when the focus of the cancer diet is all about what we consume, it makes sense to me to use the Gerson enema which keeps eating and liver flushing completely separated. By using the Gerson Enema the process is far more effective and immediate.

When taking an oral liver flush the process is not only delayed but is also mixed with other consumed foods from your last meal. There are also a slew of herbs which "stimulate" or "detoxify" the liver. At the head of this class, is the herb "Milk Thistle.

"Several alternative cancer treatments specifically deal with the liver by using enemas. Coffee enemas are by far the most common and are part of the Kelley metabolic plan, the Gerson diet, the Hulda Clark treatment, and others. Coffee enemas are said to open the bile duct of the liver so that it quickly sends toxic material into the colon for elimination.

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Cleaning the liver is critical. If the toxins in the liver build up and are not removed, it can cause the death of the liver, which means the death of the patient


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