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Oxygenation and Hydration

In 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for the connection he discovered between oxygen and cancer. His studies showed that the number one cause of cancer was a lack of oxygen in the cellular environment. Warburg determined that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. Conversely, cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

One very effective way to increase the presence of oxygen in our blood is by consuming the right type of water. Tap water is loaded with chemicals and heavy metals. Bottled water is not much better, most of which is acidic and unhealthy. Distilled water or reverse osmosis water are also not recommended. Both waters are lacking of living energy and minerals, which are critical to our body’s acid-alkaline balance. It is best to get a high-quality water filtration device for your home.

The solution to hydrate is to drink ionized drinking water

The Kangen water™ system appears to be one the best because it produces pure, alkaline, ionized water that is six times more hydrating than other waters and also high in antioxidant potency.

There is also a selection available in the UK, some of which are linked below.

Hydrogen peroxide (H202)

Adding 3 – 25 drops (read instructions) of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a glass of water and drinking it, will significantly increase the amount of oxygen absorbed into your blood.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few simple miracle substances still available to the public. Most of us started on hydrogen peroxide shortly after birth. Not only does mother's milk contain high amounts of H202, the amount contained in the first milk (colostrum) is even higher. This seems only reasonable now that we know one of its main functions is to activate and stimulate the immune system.

Read more at the link below.


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