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Where & What to Buy

Which juicer

Here are links to my top 5 juicer choices. As the juicer will be providing most of your nutrition it is important to spend as much as you can, the better the juicer the longer it will last (metal gears as opposed to plastic gears). The better juicers masticate the fruit and vegetables, centrifugal (most common) tear the enzymes and are very inefficient, and they leave a lot of juice behind in the discarded pulp. With helical (spiral) twin gear crusher type of juicer, they achieve up to 25% more nutrients and Juice than the centrifugal. But best of all by a long way is the Norwalk 275 it is very expensive but offers up to 60% more nutrients and Juice than the centrifugal. It really stands way above the rest.

The difference is the hydraulic press system, just like the vineyards for making wine or for making cider, they use hydraulic pressure.With the high cost of organic produce a good juicer will soon pay for itself. I do not recommend the centrifugal type.

They are cheaper but cost you a lot more in the long run and offer fewer nutrients each time you use it. (£1500 approx. used at the Gerson Clinic)

My Mothers Diet

This diet will only work so long as all the ingredients you purchase are organic!

Use all your produce to make fresh salads/vegetables/juiced grasses/sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many of the other foods that are allowed on this diet should be mixed in with the salad, except for the vegetable juices.

Juice all of the vegetables available to you that have the [*] symbol below! They are favoured anti cancer foods

Vegetable Shopping List

Asparagus *

Beans *

Beets * - moderation

Broccoli **

Cabbage *

Carrots **

Cauliflower *





Garlic not so tasty for juicing, so eat plenty, use in every meal.

Green and yellow squash - moderation,

Green beans and peas (fresh),

Kale *


Mustard greens,


Onion not so tasty for juicing so eat plenty, use in every meal

Parsley *

Peppers red *, yellow * and green *



Seaweed, such as nori, wakame and niziki,

Spinach, sprouted grains *

Swiss chard, turnips *


Wheat grass ** - usually juiced

Most of the fruits, veg, supplements and other products are available at planet organic who will deliver for free orders over £30, they tend to take three days to deliver not including weekends. So, think ahead. I found that they are also quite expensive compared to organic produce available at Asda, Sainsburys, and Tescos, but availability and range is somewhat limited in the supermarkets whereas Planet Organic carries almost everything. If you plan well you can have weekly or biweekly deliveries which, trust me, save a lot of time and effort!

Fruit Shopping List

Apples* Brambly, Grannie Smiths or Pippins * (these have lower sugars)


Any Berries* – Strawberries, Blueberries, Cherries, etc

Bananas (they’re high in glucose & should be occasionally consumed to help with weight gain)


Sour Sop**

Pineapple*Black Grapes (with Seeds)A



Goji Berries** consume in unlimited quantities (dried berry is fine)

Acai Berries** consume in unlimited quantities (dried berry is fine)


Lemons (unwaxed)


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