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Foods you must avoid

Knowing what food cancer needs, means you know how to starve it!

Pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals and Genetically Modified foods are present in almost all the foods we consume from the standard supermarket, all of which poison the human body and bring on all sorts of diseases including Cancer.


  • Tumors absorb sugar at high rates. They are sugar junkies and studies have demonstrated this fact for almost 100 years.

  • Sugar provides cancer cells the advantage to survive and spread.

  • Sugar supports the formation of new blood vessels involved in cancer growth.

  • Cancer cells with high amounts of sugar are more likely to metastasize.

  • Sugar reduction and sugar elimination contribute to cancer prevention and cancer survival.

  • Dietary changes with knowledge about the link between sugar and cancer support health and healing in people with cancer.

  • Foods with low glucose levels maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support an anticancer environment.

Trans or Hydrogenated Fat

  • Found in margarine, vegetable shortening, many processed foods, baked goods, fried foods, packaged crackers, icing, some microwave popcorn and baked or biscuit mixes, and some restaurant foods.

  • Damages cells

  • Increases LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol

  • Lowers HDL, the good kind of cholesterol

  • Lowers the levels of polyunsaturated oils, or good oils, in the body

  • Increases inflammation

  • Interrupts normal brain function

  • Increases cancer risk and cancer growth


The worst kind of carbohydrates that must be avoided by all counts, are those that contain white processed flour, such as pizza bases, white breads, white pasta, white rice, cakes, scones, crackers, biscuits, pastries and all cereals.

These are doubly bad not only do the Carbs convert to glucose (sugar) that will feed the cancer but the processed flour is another form of poison your body would be under attack from. In the case of white foods not being good for you this really applies here!

In situations where weight is a problem and no gluten allergy is present, whole grain dark breads, wild rice, spelt pasta, brown rice, whole meal pasta can be consumed. Try to get Low GI breads. My thought on this..... I recommend avoiding carbs.


Refined salt (table salt) is a major cause of cancer. Refined salt, the wrong fats, margarine and butter are the main causes of red blood cells sticking together (called: rouleau), causing them to absorb less oxygen and making haemoglobin a free meal for yeast and fungus.

The clumped together red blood cells do not get as much oxygen into the cells of the body. Also, the clumped together red blood cells cannot pass through the smaller arteries/capillaries, meaning much less (if any) oxygen gets to cells in these areas of the body, and some of these cells may be turned to anaerobic (i.e. cancerous).

As if that weren't bad enough, once the cells are cancerous, the oxygen still can't get to the cancer cells to slow down their spreading or kill them.On the other hand, natural sea salt has a very similar mineral content as human blood. It is truly a health food as long as you don't eat too much of it (I used Malden Sea Salt)

Water from the tap or plastic bottles

Water consumption is paramount to our existence, and is the most important basic nutrient our body requires. We need to drink between 50 and 100 percent of our body weight in ounces each day. When following my mother's diet the juicing will provide around 45% of the requirement for the average male adult.

Water balance in the body impacts every physiological function in the body. Adequate hydration maintains proper function of the kidneys, colon, brain, cardiac system, blood vessels, and joints, and ensures adequate nutrient availability for all cells in the body.

This water should never be from the tap, which contains toxic poisons like fluoride and chlorine let alone the rust, debris or bacteria it collects on its way to you. Even mineral water that sits in plastic bottles is contaminated by the container it is stored in, it is acidic and often not as healthy as one presumes. Later we touch on hydration and Oxygenating. I advise to avoid all plastics as much as possible (difficult I know)

To read more about the importance of water consumption click on the link below


Drinking one cup of coffee a day does have some small medical benefit, however for a person with cancer, the negative side of coffee is that it is extremely acidic. Now as cancer loves an acidic environment it makes sense to not aid it. Later on we focus on how to alkalinize; drinking coffee will undo this.

Animal Protein

Animal protein is derived from meat, fish, and other animal products such as milk. Red meat, poultry, milk, cheese, and other dairy products are rich sources of animal protein.

  • Causes DNA damage leading to treatment resistant mutations and promotion of an environment conducive to cancer growth

  • Promotes inflammation that feeds cancer growth

  • Increases LDL, the bad cholesterol associated with deadly Metastases (the spreading of cancer)

  • Boosts levels of hormones associated with cancer growth


The only exception is that if a person is fighting weight loss, some fresh, freshwater fish can be eaten if that is the ONLY thing the cancer patient will eatIn addition to animal protein, many fish contain high levels of toxins such as mercury.

Generally, the bigger the fish, the more toxins, and the smaller the fish, the less toxins. Deep-water, northern ocean fish are best, including salmon, cod, haddock, mackerel, and sardines.

Dairy products

Milk, Butter, Cheese Yoghurt,

  • Increases tumour-stimulating cancer growth factors

  • Provides high amounts of calcium that block Vitamin D storage, which is crucial to controlling cancer cell division

  • Boosts saturated fat levels

  • Raises blood sugar levels

  • Provides high levels of lactose that may cause digestive problems

If a person must have milk, for me the only acceptable variety is unprocessed goat's milk, from organically grown and grazing goats.I gave my mother Millet milk, which she loves and is non-dairy

Alchohol & Smoking

  • All forms of alcohol must be avoided

  • Alcohol can cause seven types of cancer.

  • The more you cut down on alcohol, the more you reduce your risk of cancer.

  • You don’t need to be drunk to increase your risk.

  • Drinking and smoking together are even worse for you.

  • Scientific studies have confirmed that alcohol causes cancer.

  • Scientists have found that cancer is more common in people who drink alcohol than people who don’t.

Do I really need to explain how bad smoking is?

Genetically Modified Foods

Avoid, repeat... avoid.... genetically engineered foods. They were not designed with your health in mind. You will be amazed by how many genetically modified foods you consume without even knowing it. The easiest way avoid them is to shop in organic supermarkets. GM foods are unnatural mutations that cause degenerative conditions just like cancer.

What is GM food and what effect does it have?

Take the ordinary tomato. It has a small insect called the weevil which eats tomatoes. Now, in order to deter this bug, scientists have spliced in a gene from its predator and this makes the weevil avoid the tomato thinking that the tomato is a predator.

Whenever this is done with any product, this creates a problem. When humans ingest these tomatoes (or any GM food) during process of digestion our biological makeup helps us identify whether a product is organic or not. It's like a sorting process that goes on in our stomachs with everything we consume. in the case of GM foods it does not recognize the food as organic, and treats it as “other”, therefore our defense mechanism kicks in and attacks the very food we are supposed to be nourishing ourselves with, which in turn ends up seriously damaging our immune system and leads to many autoimmune disorders where the body begins to destroy itself.

Strawberries are spliced with genes from certain fish that are resilient to icy temperatures, these new strawberries are resistant to frost. To us we see a strawberry, we smell a strawberry, we taste a strawberry so we would not think that it wasn’t a strawberry, but a strawberry has an exact cell structure and made up of exact genes, when we eat these GM strawberries our body rejects the strawberries, it does not recognize them.

If you’ve got time read here

Additives found in foods to avoid at all costs


  • Found in baked goods, chewing gum, gelatin desserts, diet soft drinksand some commercial sugar substitutes

  • Asculfame-K causes cancer

Artificial Colours

  • Artificial colours are synthetic colours

  • Sometimes made from petroleum and coal tar

  • Found in foods with low nutritional valueAny dye on a label indicated through a colour and number is synthetic

  • Artificial colours cause cancer


  • Found in diet foods such as soft drinks, drink mixes, gelatin desserts,low-calorie frozen desserts and packets.

  • Contains methanol, which the body breaks down into formaldehyde

  • Aspartame causes cancer and neurological problems

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

  • Found in cereals, chewing gum, potato chips, and vegetable oilsBHA is a human carcinogen (cancer causing agent)


  • Found in diet, no sugar added products, soft drinks, and sweetener packets

  • Saccharin causes cancer


  • Found in fast foods and most processed foods

  • Flavour enhancing ingredientComes under many disguises such as vegetable protein, spices, andseasonings

  • Created in Japan and introduced to the United States after World War IIMSG causes neurological reactions, nervous system overstimulation,cell death, emotional, and hormonal dysfunction For a list of aliases go to:

Sodium Nitrate

  • Found in colouring, flavouring, bacon, ham, frankfurters, luncheon meats, smoked fish, and corned beef.

  • Stabilizes colour and enhances flavour

  • Sodium nitrate causes cancer


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